Better Than Buffett

Discover the 3 “Stealth Stock” trading tips that can give you a leg up on the market and even on Warren Buffett …
With Gains like these:

  • Energy Recovery — Up 215% in 8 months
  • TrueCar — Up 75% in 4 months
  • Hi-Crush Partners — Up 85% in 2 months
  • Wi-Lan — Up 87% in 4 months
  • Genocea — Up 44% in 2 months
  • 3D Systems — Up 27% in 2.5 months
  • Dynamic Materials — Up 62% in 3 months
  • Barrick Gold — Up 122% in 6 months

Dear Investor,

I doubt you’ll be surprised to hear that Warren Buffett is the third richest man in the world today … or that he got there primarily by investing in stocks for nearly half a century.

But did you know that during all those decades, his total returns outperformed the broad markets by the eye-popping margin of more than 100 to 1?

It’s true: A dollar invested in 1968 in his company’s stock, Berkshire Hathaway, would be worth nearly $6,540 today.

That’s about 110 times more than the $59 that same dollar investment would have grown to if invested in the S&P 500 index.

What’s even more amazing is that the core of his simple and commonsense investment strategy — essentially buying beaten down stocks that are selling far below their true value — is NOT a well-kept secret.

In fact, while dozens of books have been written about the Sage of Omaha and his Dow-trouncing stock investing approach, he didn’t even originate his great notion of getting rich by scooping up bargain stocks way below their fair market value.

The credit goes to his mentor, legendary stock investor Benjamin Graham, who insisted that any stock he bought had current assets that were double or more the company’s current liabilities.

We didn’t originate the idea of focusing on undervalued stocks, either. Although …

We Have Profited
Handsomely From It!

Just by taking the Graham method to the next level … and adding 3 special trading rules that even the Great Sage hasn’t quite discovered.

And you can see the results at the top of this page: Many of our stocks double or triple in just 2 to 4 months — giving us annualized gains as high as 404%616% … even 2,688% per trade!

We call our modified Buffett/Graham method the “Stealth Stock Trading System” … because our 3 battle-tested rules enable us to snatch up many undervalued companies that other value investors miss.

And now, my team of analysts and I want to share the wealth with you. If you will let us.

About Your Stealth Stock Trading System Editor

sharonSharon Hebgin has over a quarter of a century of investment and money management experience focused exclusively on the individual investor.

Before becoming a publisher, editor, and analyst, she spent 20 years as a successful licensed stockbroker, where she gained invaluable insights dealing with a wide range of individual investors throughout North America.

Since 2006, she has worked as a business and financial consultant, primarily in the corporate communications and mining industries. Sharon has helped 8,593 colleagues in 783 companies located in 63 countries.

In this brief article, I’m going to show you what the 3 incredibly simple rules of the Stealth Stock Trading System are … and how you and I can use them to generate consist double and triple-digit gains — usually in a few months, not years.

Read on for details and to claim 5 free reports that not only teach you the 3 core Stealth Stock Trading System rules … but also give you our full research recommendations on the top “Stealth Stocks” — in some of today’s hottest sectors — which we are recommending our readers buy now.

But I urge you to take swift action. Why? Because our recommended stocks tend to move up fast … often doubling or tripling our money in just a few months. So you I urge you to read these important free reports — and buy some or all of the investments they recommend right away.

Otherwise, you risk losing out on the lion’s share of the profits they generate.

 Stealth Stock System RULE #1 

Riding the Roller Coaster — The 52-Week Low

During any given year, the charts for the stock market — and the individual sectors and specific stocks within it — all sort of look like roller coasters:

As anyone who has ever ridden one knows, every roller coaster ride has its ups and downs, with a high point and a low point. And during the course of your ride, you will hit both the high and low points at least one time.

Like a roller coaster, a stock, for any one-year period — that’s 52 weeks — also has a high and low on its price chart.

And in the Stealth Stock Trading System, we get stocks at bargain prices by buying stocks at or near their 52-week low.

In other words, we jump into the fast-moving roller coaster car when it’s at the bottom of a dip in the track. Then we hang on as the stock rockets upward to higher ground — and value!

For instance, in August 2015, we recommended to our subscribers that they buy Energy Recovery at $2.63, which was slightly above its 52-week low of $2.28.

By October, Energy Recovery’s share price jumped to $7.76, giving us a handsome gain on half our position — in just 2.5 months — and then more than doubled our money — in just 5 more months — we sold the balance at $8.69 in March 2016.

Or take Barrick Gold Corporation, the largest gold mining company in the world.

In September 2015, we recommended Barrick Gold when it dropped to a new 52-week low of $6.25 … a great value when measured against its 52-week high of $17.09.

By March 2016, Barrick’s share price had risen almost to its old 52-week record high and we sold at of $13.91 — for a gain of 122%. On this trade we more than doubled our money again — and in only 6 months.

So while there are a lot of indicators to help our team of analysts determine whether a stock is undervalued enough add to our portfolio, the Stealth Stock Trading System finds one indicator — that the stock is selling at or very near its 52-week low — to be the most accurate signal that the shares are a bargain.

But in addition to buying companies undervalued by the market like Buffett and Graham do, we have another criteria they don’t necessarily adhere to … but it’s one that makes it much easier to bag the quick double and triple-digit gains we love — and double or triple our money in a few short months.

 Stealth Stock System RULE #2 

Invest in Stocks that Sell for Less Than $10

Almost all the stocks we buy for our Stealth Stock Trading System portfolio are inexpensive — usually selling for somewhere between $1 and $10 a share — and no more.

In January of this year, we bought Dynamic Materials Corporation at $5.50 a share. The result? By April, the share price had climbed to $8.92 — nearly doubling our money in a mere 3 months.

Next, in February 2016, we rated Bazaarvoice a strong buy at $2.98 … and within one month, we were sitting on a nice 18% jump in share price.

Then we bought Rigel Pharmaceutical this March for $2.09 a share — and banked a quick 35% gain in about 5 weeks.

When people ask me quizzically “What’s the deal with the $10 and under stocks?” here’s what I tell them: “It’s easier to get bigger gains on inexpensive stocks than expensive ones.”

It’s simple math: if you buy Wi-Lan at say $1 … as we told our readers to do in January 2016 … and it goes up only a dollar, that’s a 100% gain.

Well, it’s pretty easy for any stock to go up a dollar — or even a few dollars — a share. And when a low-priced stock does it, you can often lock in a quick double or triple-digit gain.

In point of fact, our Wi-Lan position went from $1 in January to $2.00 by March, giving us an 87% return in just 2 ½ months.

On the other hand, Apple stock has recently been selling for over $100 a share.

So if Apple’s share price goes up a dollar, investors are sitting on a measly 1% gain.

The bottom line of Stealth Stock Indicator #2 is: It’s easier to get quicker and bigger double and triple-digit gains with low-priced stocks.

And so the stocks we invest in almost exclusively with our Stealth Stock Trading System are those selling for between $1 and $10 a share.

However, most of the time, with the exception of a few junior Canadian mining companies, we shy away from penny stocks selling for under a dollar.

The reason is the greater risk of a reverse split devaluing the shares. Our goal is to make outsized profits without undue risk. And we do that by thoroughly understanding the companies we invest in before we buy their shares.

 Stealth Stock System RULE #3 

A Robustly Healthy Balance Sheet

The third rule of our Stealth Stock Trading System is to buy companies that are financially sound and healthy.

A great example is Energy Recovery, Inc. (NASDAQ stock symbol: ERII). The company makes equipment for recovering energy from industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles. Applications include reverse osmosis water desalination and the oil and gas industry.

Readers who followed our trade recommendations on ERII could have made a 215% profit on their investment in just 32 weeks, in part because Energy Recovery, Inc. fits the Stealth Stock Trading System guidelines for an attractive balance sheet almost to a tee.

For the period ending March 31, 2015, ERII had $28 million in cash with only $55,000 in debt. The trigger event that initiated our buy recommendation was the announcement of orders for desalination equipment worth over $14 million.

In our buy recommendation, we wrote that ERII share price could easily double within the next couple of years. Instead, it more than tripled — and in only 3 months.

In screening stocks to recommend, we typically look for:

  • A stock chart showing a history of being up and staying up substantially over the last 5 years.
  • Positive book value — for Energy Recovery, book value was $1.21 per share.
  • Little or no debt plus the ability to service any debt that exists without issuing more stock and diluting shares.
  • Good cash position. Especially in sectors like mining, oil and gas exploration, and biotech where abundant cash is needed to support the business until they strike gold or oil, or get FDA approval for a new drug.
  • Ideally, increasing revenue and income. Energy Recovery had a first quarter revenue increase of 50% and annual gross profit margin up 57%.
  • Good trading volume. We avoid illiquid stocks. Energy Recovery has 52 million shares outstanding, one-third of which are owned by company insiders. (Nobody knows a business better than senior management, and they do not invest their own money unless they are confident the share price is heading higher.) And 23% of the shares are held by institutional investors.

Finally, while this is not a hard and fast system rule, and it’s one of the only ones we will ever break, we are somewhat cautious of foreign stocks and prefer North American companies.

Why? Because some of the accounting or reporting practices in foreign companies are quite different from those in the U.S. and Canada, so their balance sheets are more difficult to accurately evaluate.

So, that’s a quick overview of how the Stealth Stock Trading System regularly generates stock recommendations that often return annualized gains in the triple or even quadruple digits.

We’ve written a special Stealth Stock Trading System Manual: 3 Ways to Beat Buffett  that goes into our 3 system rules in greater detail.

Its cover price is a very reasonable $49. But read on to see how you can claim a FREE copy of our stock trading manual and 4 additional free bonus reports with a total value of $175. Or just click below to get your free reports immediately.

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Most of our bonus reports focus on hot sectors and our top picks within them, because another component of our system is to buy companies in industries trending upward — as you can readily see below.

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Special Bonus Report #1

Trading System Manual: 3 Ways to Beat Buffett

cover_beatbuffett_burstAs a Charter Subscriber to Stealth Stock Trader, all you have to do is place the orders for our recommended stocks with your broker or online account. Buy when we say buy. Sell when we say sell. We do all the heavy lifting including researching new opportunities and tracking performance of all open positions. You just sit back and watch your wealth grow like Topsy.

On the other hand, many of our readers say they like the confidence that a deeper understanding of the Stealth Stock Trading System gives them in investing with our service. And so we’ve written a free special report that goes into the system parameters — and the rationale behind them — in a bit more detail than this web page does.

Special Bonus Report #2

Stealth Profits from the Global Water Crisis

cover_watercrisis_burstThe global water industry amounts to about $620 billion in revenue at the moment. Over the next 20 years, another $25 trillion could be spent on water distribution and purification.

This is why water has become a compelling investment opportunity. Virtually all water requires treatment before we drink it, making this a high-growth sector. This special report is your guide to profiting from companies that are helping to provide drinkable water for a thirsty world!

Special Bonus Report #3

Profit from the Current Bull Market in Precious Metals

cover_preciousmetals_burstInvestors have run to the safe havens of gold and silver this year. Gold was up 28%. Silver ran 52%, as a result. It’s been nothing short of an incredible year for such assets, with miners more than doubling and tripling along the way. But if our forecasts are correct — and I bet they are — there’s much more upside to come.

After a multi-year downtrend that began in 2010 and 2011 for gold and silver, both metals are astounding comeback stories so far. The gains are big … real big. And in this special report, we show you incredible profit opportunities in the yellow metal that most other investors have completely missed.

Special Bonus Report #4

It’s High Time You Doubled Your Money

cover_hightimes_burstIf it doesn’t offend your moral sensibilities, there are big profits to be made by investing in Stealth Stocks within the cannabis industry.

Just as the end of Prohibition skyrocketed U.S. alcohol sales to a trillion-dollar industry, the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes will create the greatest bull market in cannabis the world has ever seen.

Special Bonus Report #5

What Every Smart Investor Must Understand

cover_smartinvestor_burstAny one can invest in a stock. But it’s takes a disciplined person to invest well. So the question then becomes, how? To begin, no matter your skill level, all investors must understand several key points.

But it takes another several steps to truly understand how to invest properly in today’s volatile marketplace. In this report, we’ll discuss several ways to understand how much to invest, and exactly how to protect your hard earned money along the way.

These 5 reports have a combined retail value of $175. But all are yours FREE, my gift to you, when you accept a risk-free Charter Membership in Stealth Stock Trader.

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Investors Praise the
Stealth Stock Trading System

“I just made $8,000 on your Energy Recovery recommendation. More than paid for my honeymoon. Best investment I’ve made in years. Thank you.”
— David Richmond, New York, New York

“Made over 225% in no time at all on the ERII trade. Thank you.”
— James Roth, San Francisco, California

“Unbelievable! Got in at $2.45, and out at $8.75 in weeks. Thanks for your insight. My wife just had knee surgery and this will help cover some of those expenses.”
— Jim Lew, Houston, Texas

“Thanks for the recommendation. I earned 95% on the Barrick Gold buy.”
— Richard Koenig, Boulder, Colorado

“In the six weeks that I’ve been with you, I’ve bought, sold, and banked slightly over $10,000 profit. Made 86% on Barrick. Thank you.”
— Keith Paul, Wilmington, Delaware

“Have had your service for a couple of months and I’m VERY satisfied. Thank you very much for the Dynamic Materials trade. Bought at $5.60. Sold near $10. I have recommended it to several friends.”
— Ron Walker, Washington, D.C.

“I’ve been on board for about 3 months and profits are rolling in steady. Keep up the great work! Thank you!”
— David Setlen, Baltimore, Maryland

Make Money with the Stealth Stock
Trading System 

When your first Stealth Stock buy recommendations arrive in your special report library, newsletter, and e-mail alerts, you can start by trading them on paper first if you like.

Sit back and watch as your paper portfolio’s returns start to climb. This should give you the confidence to start placing Stealth Stock trades in your actual portfolio—and make real money with our system.


Then, you decide. When you see the kinds of quick, substantial profits you’re banking by investing in our Stealth Stocks, I’m confident you’ll want to remain a Stealth Stock Trader member in good standing for a long, long time. But if I am wrong, and if for any reason … or for no reason at all … you decide against Stealth Stock Trader, just let us know within 90 days.

We’ll give you a full and prompt refund of your entire subscription fee. And you may keep all issues, alerts, reports, and other materials received absolutely free — with no obligation or further commitment of any kind.

After 90 days, Stealth Stock Trader must continue to please you and make you far greater returns than the broad markets. If you ever become dissatisfied for any reason, you may cancel at any time, without cost or penalty of any kind.

You’ll receive a full refund on the unused portion of your subscription, and you can still keep all materials received. That way, you risk nothing.


Can you Beat Buffett?

I’m not promising that as a Charter Subscriber to Stealth Stock Trader, you’ll even come close to being richer than Warren Buffett.

In fact, I’d be surprised, very surprised indeed — though ecstatically happy — if some day you call or e-mail me to tell me you’ve become a billionaire.

Though if you stick with Stealth Stock Trader, I would be less surprised when you notify me that you’ve made your first million … or your second million dollars investing in undervalued companies using our proven Stealth Stock Trading System!

And remember, there is no risk to trying our system for yourself. And no obligation of any kind.

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Sharon Hebgin, Publisher and Editor

P.S. There’s one more advantage that the Stealth Stock Trading System gives you over other ways to make money in the markets, and it’s this.

Even if the broad markets are flat or down, within the markets are multiple sectors that move independently of one another:

And of course, within these many sectors are dozens or sometimes hundreds of individual stocks, all of which can also move independent of other equity prices.

The point is, even if the market is relatively flat — or worse, in a bearish nosedive — the Stealth Stock Trading System always has a constant supply of stocks at or near their 52-week lows … and others rising above those recent low and heading higher.

So you continually get a steady stream of new ideas, new recommendations, and new profit opportunities as a Stealth Stock Trader subscriber — again, whether the Dow is up, down, or flat.

Stealth Stock Trading is where the constant action, quick returns, and double and triple-digit gains are. So don’t miss out on the action.

Remember, there’s no risk to you. All the risk is on our shoulders, as it should be. And if you’re the cautious type, you can start by trading the Stealth Stock Trading System on paper to see how it performs for you. That way, you just can’t lose!

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